Career counseling for students after the 10th grade helps them get a clear picture of what they need to achieve success in education and life.

Counselors are integral to our education system. During the era of COVID-19, counselors have chosen the online mode to continue to support their students.

1- Student-to-school-counselor ratio

Just like almost every aspect of our lives has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges faced by school counselors too have undergone some changes.

While some say they lack clear direction from the district and school leadership, others say not finding enough time to either get hold of…

School counselors handle a wide variety of tasks that are designed to help students, teachers, parents, and school administrators.

Ever since the pandemic struck, online learning has been at the heart of most educational institutions though a handful has started using in-person classes along with their online curriculum to strike a balance and break the monotony.

Without in-person or online college counseling in the United States, school students won’t be prepared for college, their careers, and life, in general.

Students often face trouble deciding which career goals they should focus upon or the career pathways that can help them achieve such goals.

Though COVID-19 is still showing no signs of bidding our lives adieu, it doesn’t mean your students should stall their college search and career planning.


CounselHero is an educational tool that aims to increase counseling efficiency in schools by automating tasks usually done by school counselors.

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