Is E-Counseling in Schools Worth It?

Counselors are integral to our education system. During the era of COVID-19, counselors have chosen the online mode to continue to support their students. But how effective is e-counseling? And is it really worth it? Let’s try to find the answers.

1- Student-to-school-counselor ratio

There’s a growing demand for online school counselor automated tools in the United States. The reason for such demand can be understood by taking a glance at the student-to-school-counselor ratio.

ASCA recommends that the ratio be 250 to 1. But the average ratio is 464 to 1 across all schools in the US.

While some schools could have it better at a 300–1 student-to-school-counselor ratio, others may have a dismal situation with a 600–1 ratio. Under such circumstances, school counselors can’t find adequate time to invest in face-to-face counseling sessions to help their students. This is where e-counseling can help.

By using an effective online school counselor automated tool in the United States, such as CounselHero, you can ensure your students have the necessary support and guidance whenever they need it. Be it assessing their aptitude, skills, personality traits, etc. to choose the appropriate courses, majors, and universities, or keeping track of their applications and deadlines for interviews, such an e-counseling tool can let them do all these and much more.

2- Support the academic success of students

E-counseling lets school counselors use innovative online tools and resources to help students determine the best-suited career path and achieve their academic goals.

Be it creating videos, webinars, or documents and sharing them online or directing students to libraries and other useful resources, e-counseling can be an effective way to support your students’ academic and career success.

You could even use direct and indirect communication methods offered by a reputed online school counselor automated tool in the United States to engage your students better and stay connected with them.

You can even set up and track your student-counselor appointments in addition to scheduling and announcing career fairs, events, and special meetings. Since many of these tasks can be automated, you can cut down on the time and effort that would have otherwise been spent on doing these tasks manually. Such time and effort saved could be utilized better to support students in one-to-one counseling sessions.

3- Seamless collaboration

An effective chain of communication and seamless collaboration is often at the heart of successful counseling at schools.

E-counseling makes these easier as you can leverage technology to have constant communication and collaboration with teachers, staff, administrators, and even parents to ensure the academic progress and well-being of your students.

You could even develop and implement crisis plans with the help of an efficient online school counselor automated tool in the United States to help your students deal with varied issues and problems, such as family crises (death, divorce, etc.), bullying, anger, and stress, to name a few.

Final words

E-counseling can help plug the gaps that exist in the domain of traditional counseling and help serve and support the students better while automating several repetitive tasks of school counselors to free up their time. And when you have a reliable online school counselor automated tool in the United States, you can handle e-counseling better and with greater efficiency.



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