The Road to College Admissions

For almost any student, the college admissions process seems overwhelming.

3 min readMay 6, 2022

For almost any student, the college admissions process seems overwhelming. With so many steps to take care of, it’s completely normal if you find it difficult to follow a step-by-step approach.

As one of the reputable College Counseling Virtual Offices, it’s our responsibility to help all college-bound students follow a systematic approach to get into their dream colleges without having any unnecessary stress.

Here, we’ve created a detailed roadmap that you can follow right from the beginning of your high school.

Ninth Grade

Your freshman year is the appropriate time to join college preparatory classes. Start to strengthen the areas you want to pursue in college.

If you haven’t yet identified your interests or strengths, join a free online college counseling service to do it.

Apart from participating in extracurricular activities and joining clubs to pursue your interests, see if there’re appropriate summer internships available for you to do.

Not only will this add value to your resume, but it will also give you wonderful exposure to the professional world. It’s also a good decision to create a list of honors and awards that you plan to achieve during your four years in high school.

Tenth Grade

During your sophomore year, you should contact a local college admissions counselor or College Counseling Virtual Office to explore colleges based on your interests and their admission requirements. You may also take the PSAT exam during this year.

While colleges won’t consider your PSAT score, it can get you merit scholarships.

Continue with your extracurricular activities and club participation while staying engaged in summer internships, research opportunities, etc. Focus on improving your grades to strengthen your academic profile.

Eleventh Grade

If you haven’t taken the PSAT exam in the tenth grade, take it this year. Both SAT and ACT scores are equally accepted by colleges, so decide which one you’ll take and start preparing accordingly. You should also try to reach a higher position in your club, which may bring leadership opportunities your way.

Once you feel prepared enough, take the SAT/ACT exam. It’ll also be a smart idea to take AP (Advanced Placement) tests, as good scores may help you earn some college credits, which can bring your overall college tuition fee down.

This is the time when you must contact a College Counseling Virtual Office or a local college admissions counselor to prepare a list of colleges that you want to apply to.

Twelfth Grade

You should start visiting your target colleges virtually and prepare a list of their application deadlines. Also, start working on college application essays together with other relevant materials. Start gathering letters of recommendation from potential teachers.

See which scholarships and financial aid are available to you and start applying for them.

Ensure that both early application schools and regular decision schools receive your official ACT/SAT score reports and appear in respective interviews.

If any standardized tests are remaining, register and take them. This is the time you need to start applying to your shortlisted colleges. Finally, evaluate college acceptances while comparing financial aid offers before making a final decision.




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