What is CounselHero? How it helps students and school counselors?

CounselHero is an automated school counselor designed for educational institutes.

7 min readJun 15, 2021


1- An overview of CounselHero

CounselHero is an automated school counselor designed for educational institutes. It can help your students discover their skills, inner qualities, preferences, interests, and more to decide which career path would be the best to embark upon. At the same time, this automated tool can help your teachers or school counselors spend more time in person with the students rather than being swamped with paperwork and other administrative duties. In case you’re a school principal, teacher, official, or counselor, you can sign up for CounselHero on behalf of your institute to schedule a demo meeting. This will let you experience how the tool works and the different ways it can automate routine tasks to free up time for your counselors and teachers, who can then guide your students on their career paths. Based on what you see, you can then make your final decision.

If you believe CounselHero is not for you, think again. College students in the US change their majors 4 times on average during their undergraduate studies. This shows how millions of students take up courses or choose their majors blindly every year only to realize their chosen path isn’t suited to their passion, aptitude, or interests. Thus, they end up wasting their effort and time, not to mention the trillions of dollars in tuition just because they don’t have the adequate guidance or information to make the right choice. Wouldn’t it be better if their decisions are based on their true potential and driven by realistic and practical career options? You bet it would! And that’s exactly what CounselHero’s aim is. With this automated school counselor, school students can find the best-suited career path and enjoy their seamless transition into adulthood and finally, the workforce.

For school counselors, using this automated tool would mean easier and more engaging, in-person sessions with their students to help the latter plan and pursue a career path that aligns well with their passion and aptitude. Thus, school counselors can help their students accomplish their career goals by embarking on the career path that suits them the best with the help of CounselHero.

Let’s examine in detail how both students and school counselors can benefit from the automated school counselor — CounselHero.

2- Benefits for Students

In the domain of education, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that assumes all students learn in the same manner doesn’t work. Since every student has a unique capability and processes information in a way different from the other, you can’t expect everyone to have the same aspirations or learn the same way. But sadly, students aren’t usually aware of their own self, what their inner abilities are, or what drives them or excites them. And that’s where our automated school counselor can help.

Career counseling is important to take an informed decision about your career by discovering your true self. If not, you could end up choosing the wrong majors, universities, or occupations. This would make you lose interest soon and you could find it an uphill task to battle problems like dissatisfaction, low concentration levels, poor time management, and more. All these may make you change your career path or finish your chosen courses with average or poor grades. Both these choices would mean losing a lot of effort, time, and money. You can avoid walking on this path by using CounselHero — your automated school counselor.

3- The 3-step way to benefit from CounselHero

3.1- Know yourself better

Career counseling involves evaluating students’ personalities, interests, aptitudes, and abilities through diverse tests. A report is generated based on the results of such tests, which would guide the students to take a specific career path that’s aligned to their passion, inner qualities, interests, etc. Instead of spending hours to figure out your true potential, you can get help from our automated school counselor that employs well-designed, quality-proven, top-level tests.

Each of these CounselHero tests uses a specific algorithm, logic, and result scale that’s unique to it. These tests help the students discover their skill sets, interests, personality traits, value perceptions, and emotional and social quotient, among others. Once a student takes these tests, CounselHero will integrate his/her assessment to give him/her the results. Such results would be unique to each student as no two students are the same.

3.2- Choose the best-suited career path

Your career shouldn’t be based on chances. It shouldn’t be a trial-and-error game either where you take a pick, get into the career path, find it to be not a good fit, leave, and get into the cycle again with a new choice. After the results of your assessment tests, you can browse CounselHero’s extensive libraries loaded with information related to different courses and majors, universities, and occupations. Such information would offer you a better understanding of potential educational and career opportunities that align with your test results.

With our automated school counselor, you’ll no longer need to decide on your career path blindly or based on just a hunch. Rather, you’ll be well-informed to choose a career path that would prove to be exciting, engaging, and rewarding.

3.3- Accomplish your academic goals

CounselHero would never leave you high and dry. Whether you need educational advice or academic support to achieve your academic goals and dreams, this automated school counselor would always be there to show you the right path. You’ll just need to use this extremely efficient automated counseling system to link your academic strengths along with your aptitude and interest in your chosen courses to make the most of them.

Apart from pursuing your academic goals, you’ll also get adequate information to become aware of the scope of your chosen courses, in particular, and your career path, in general. With the right, on-time career guidance offered by CounselHero, you’ll also become workplace-ready to transition into your job seamlessly.

4- Benefits for School Counselors

According to the ASCA recommendation, schools should maintain a 250 to 1 student-to-school-counselor ratio. Additionally, 80% of the school counselors’ time should be spent working indirectly for or directly with students. However, across all schools in the US, the average student-to-school-counselor ratio stands at 464 to 1. The actual ratio could vary between 300–1 and 600–1. Thus, school counselors are often swamped with work and have to unwillingly sacrifice the time they could have otherwise invested in counseling students in person.

School counselors also need to handle multiple tasks that take up a large chunk of their time. Some of these involve scheduling and tracking their student-counselor appointments, helping their students keep track of upcoming events and impending deadlines (for sending applications, attending student interviews, etc.), sharing important files, and organizing and announcing career fairs, events, and special meetings, among others. All these tasks and some more can be handled better with our automated school counselor.

It’s crucial for school counselors to spend considerable time counseling students face-to-face. Be it listening to and addressing students’ academic concerns, helping them craft their career plans and goals, decide on the necessary actions to achieve those goals, or assist them with college applications, choice of majors, scholarships, or internships, counselors have a lot of responsibilities. With CounselHero, they can automate a lot of their regular tasks end-to-end while interacting and engaging with their students better.

Let’s examine some of the ways your life would become easier with CounselHero. To begin with, you can keep your students engaged and on track by organizing your student-counselor appointments internally by using CounselHero. This way, you can forget about missed or delayed appointments and even keep track of your notes to yourself, notes you take to share with parents in parent-teacher meetings, etc.

As a counselor, you’ll need to assist your students with course scheduling, college and scholarship searches, understanding graduation requirements, and more. Instead of doing it all on your own and spending a lot of time, you can simply direct them to the relevant CounselHero resources made available in its extensive library. In case you need to share some additional resources, files, or information with your students, you can use the online environment of CounselHero to easily distribute, share, or publish those files or documents to benefit your students.

Using our automated school counselor, you can set reminders to help your students keep track of important upcoming events and deadlines. Be it the deadlines to send applications, register for college entrance exams like SAT, ACT, or PSAT, or attend interviews, your students shouldn’t miss them. They should also attend events like career fairs and others where they can get useful information related to their career choices. You can use CounselHero to ensure they remember these important dates.

In case your educational institute is going to organize career fairs, events, and special meetings on its own or in partnerships with third parties to benefit students, you can schedule and announce them on CounselHero.

Final words

CounselHero aims to revolutionize students’ career choices to help build a conscious generation that’s excited and passionate about its career. If you’re a student, you can use our automated school counselor’s data-driven assessments and reports to leverage your aptitude and inner qualities while making the right career choice. In case you’re a school counselor, you can help change the way your students choose their academic careers. So, embrace CounselHero — your efficient automated school counselor today!




CounselHero is the digital career and academic counselor for K12 students. We help them to discover their dream future and show them how to get there.